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Klint emerged from a compelling need to innovate within the realm of nicotine products. In an era where the adverse impacts of tobacco are increasingly acknowledged, stringent anti-smoking regulations are becoming the norm. Our ambition was to revolutionize the industry. We aimed to introduce a superior, tobacco-free alternative that aligns with the lifestyles of modern consumers who prioritize health, activity, and elegance.

Our roots are deeply embedded in a culture where passion, determination, and the will to succeed are valued and essential for triumph. This ethos drives our commitment to continuous development and refinement of our products. Our goal is to provide an exceptional nicotine experience that caters to the evolving preferences of our customers.

The result of our relentless pursuit of excellence is Klint – a product that stands as a testament to our dedication. It’s not just a nicotine portion; it’s a carefully crafted experience. Each portion is designed to deliver a fresh, premium, and flavorful nicotine hit. It offers a refreshing sensation that uplifts without the detrimental effects associated with tobacco use.

Klint is more than just an alternative to traditional tobacco products; it’s a lifestyle choice. It represents a shift towards a more health-conscious approach without compromising on the quality or the enjoyment of the experience.

For those seeking a nicotine product that resonates with a dynamic, health-aware, and sophisticated lifestyle, Klint offers the perfect blend of quality, flavor, and satisfaction, all while maintaining a commitment to being tobacco-free. Choose your favorite and enjoy what Klint has to offer.

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  • Mint Sale!
    KLINT Freeze Mint 16mg/g
    Nicotine Pouches

    KLINT Freeze Mint 16mg/g


    Flavour: Mint
    Nicotine content: 16mg/g
    Pouches per can: 24

    Discount per Quantity

    10 - 195%3.70 
    20 - 4910%3.50 
    50 - 8915%3.31 

    Out of stock

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